January 16th, 2020

Pyzhikov: Russians were created by the Jesuits.

is3 перевёл на английский Пыжикова:

Under Catherine the Great the Jesuit project in Russia begins. Catherine the Second decided to make a major ideological turn. She decided to form "one people" as soon as possible, one nation. In other words, to depict the unity of the ruling stratum and the population. That's what the rulers of other European countries were doing. It was the second half of the 18th century that was the peak of these efforts to create united nations. And the Order of the Jesuits participated and made a significant contribution. For example, the very understanding of Eastern Europe was shaped by the Jesuits. I shall mention only one surname of Serb Boskovich who was the Jesuit and actually it has generated concept "east Europe" in its Slavic sense. And in grinding of Slavic languages the other Jesuit Czech Joseph Dobrovsky has made the huge contribution. He did not have time to finish the novitiate, but he communicated with this audience. The Jesuit's contribution to the creation of the Slavic ideology can be seen everywhere.

What did Catherine want? Pugachev's uprising frightened the entire ruling stratum. And the main conclusion that Catherine made - there is no single nation. It showed all these events. The murders of landlords, bishops. There is no people with whom the ruling tier can consider itself one. And Catherine faced the task - we need a single people, which would include both the ruling stratum and the huge masses of indigenous people. Who will do it?

And so Catherine the Second, when she began to implement the idea of a single nation, she took advantage of the experience that had already been gained in other countries. Who made the greatest contribution to the creation of European nations, especially Slavic ones? And here the Order of the Jesuits soaked, especially it was banned and out of business. Catherine decided to use this opportunity and invited them here, entrusting them with the educational system. And for the sake of this, she even moved away from the education of the Orthodox Church, its hierarchs, believing that they can not cope with the task. The educational system is a Jesuit methode, and they started to create their own colleges, "Collegiums". And by the way, the first Minister of Education of the Russian Empire Zavadovsky was a graduate of a Jesuit college, and then the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. This bunch meets constantly - the Jesuit College and the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, which we declare the "heart of russian Orthodoxy". Jesuit educational institutions were very popular with the Russian elite.


Армянская сила - 2.

Армянский Путен предложил нового армянского премьера.

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=Мишустин - фигура компромиссная. В свое время работал с Боосом и Починком, протеже Грефа,
а затем Зубкова. Близок к Нарышкину. Дружит с армянской диаспорой.=


Тут пишут что не дружит, а сам армянин:
"Среди крупных чиновников к армянам принадлежит Михаил Мишустин (налоговая РФ)
и Сергей Лавров (МИД РФ)."

Ни в коем случае не фантазируйте, что в Кремле что-то может поменяться к лучшему для нас.
Это исключено.

Ликование в армянских телеграм-каналах.

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ещё нашел в армянских телеграм-каналах:

"Хроники Армении
Мишустин - армянин и этим гордится.
Отличный будет премьер-министр Российской Федерации.
Кстати, лучший министр правительства РФ Лавров - тоже из наших."

"Баграмян 26
Этим летом Мишустин бывал в Армении, где выступал на прошедшем в Ереване Всемирном
конгрессе по информационным технологиям WCIT-2019, а потом посетил одну из самых
известных армянских школ «Айб».
Михаил Владимирович Мишустин из тех, кого во властные структуры заносит по воле случая.
Он выучился на инженера-системотехника, и пошёл работать по специальности – заниматься
компьютерами в некое АОЗТ «Международный компьютерный клуб». МКК было основано Левоном
Амдиляном, близким другом Мишустина. Многие эксперты были склонны к мнению, что эта
дружба неспроста, так как Михаил Владимирович наполовину армянин."


// Отличный будет премьер-министр Российской Федерации.
Кстати, лучший министр правительства РФ Лавров - тоже из наших. //

Конечно - если "из наших", значит лучший. Какие могут быть сомнения?